• Industry-standard ticket dispenser
  • Quick-release faceplate allows operators to easily access rollers and ticket guides, or swap out dispensers in just seconds—no tools required!
  • Durable metal ticket guide to improve ticket movement
  • Larger opening in faceplate to prevent curled tickets from catching
  • Reliable braking system to ensure accurate dispensing and reduce wear and tear
  • Optical sensor dust cover to improve accuracy and reduce maintenance
  • Validation diamond mark identifies tickets that have been dispensed
  • Adjustable ticket stop
  • Ticket advance switch for easy loading and cleaning
  • Solid state output enables interfacing with electronic games
  • 3” W x 4” H x 5½” L
  • 12V DC

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  • Versatile dispenser featuring both a 4-wire DL-1275-style input and a 6-pin DL-4-style input
  • Each input can be independently configured
  • Adjust ticket payout—multiply, divide, dispense a fixed quantity of tickets, or dispense "mercy tickets"

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  • Rugged and reliable ticket dispensing hardware configured with an RS232 control interface
  • Control via any RS232 COM port
  • Meter connection for auditing
  • Monitor dispensing process and error conditions
  • For increased security, dispenser can be disabled when not actively dispensing tickets

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  • Dispense tickets with this portable, self-contained device—no more fumbling with stacks of loose tickets!
  • Ideal for fairs, carnivals, and events
  • Three independent ticket dispensers
  • User-friendly keypad for easy operation
  • Programmable settings for ticket quantity dispensed
  • Validates/embosses all tickets for added security
  • Lockable unit keeps tickets secure
  • Non-resettable counter inside locked unit provides exact count of tickets dispensed