• Simple and cost-effective anti-cheating solution
  • Prevents extra tickets from being dispensed
  • Easily installs between game and DL-1275 dispenser without changing existing game
  • Cuts power to ticket dispenser when game is idle for added security

DL-4 to DL-1275 Adjusting Converter

  • Converts pulse-based DL-4 input to DL-1275 output
  • Adjust ticket payout—multiply, divide, or dispense a fixed quantity of tickets
  • Inputs and outputs can be individually configured to use standard or inverted polarity

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Yogi IV

  • Responds to pulses from game while allowing operator to adjust payout
  • Unused pulses can be retained, dropped, or returned to game
  • Optional audit meter can be connected to count number of tickets dispensed

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Coin Adjuster

  • Reduces the payout of a coin hopper by an operator-selected ratio
  • Ratio can be changed at any time without removing power

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